Thursday, 19 November 2015

Where to study on Campus?

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The Morisset Library is, without a doubt, the most obvious place to study: it is located in the heart of the campus, has plenty of room and features printers on every floor. It also houses  a Second Cup outlet to cater to  your coffee fix while you study. However, Morisset  is not your only option:  here is a list of 10 new study spots that your Regional Mentors suggest you try!

1. Empty classrooms: If you like to study in absolute silence, or just need a lot of room to spread out all your notes, this is an excellent choice. Just find an unlocked, empty classroom and enjoy!

2. Basement of Colonel By (CBY): This is a very cozy area to study or work on group projects that features mostly couches and booths with tables.

3. Student lounge in Desmarais (DMS): Even though Desmarais is a Telfer School of Management building, this lounge is open to all students. It’s the perfect location for group projects with lots of tables and big comfy chairs. The natural light and high ceilings can really help you focus. These lounges are located on the second floor.

4. Reserve a room in FSS: If you’re a Social Sciences student, you can reserve a room in the Faculty of Social Science building through an online website. This is perfect for group projects or group studying.

5. Student lounges in Tabaret (TBT): Not many are aware of these new lounges that are equipped with tables, couches, mini group-study rooms, fireplaces and microwaves. The lounges are located on the first floor of Tabaret.

6. Fourth floor of SITE: Huge windows allow plenty of natural light to stream in and give you a view of the canal. As a bonus, there’s a Tim Horton’s outlet on the second floor.

7. Study areas in FSS: These areas boast many chairs and tables, and an awesome view of the living wall, plus with Première Moisson nearby, you can get yourself a coffee or a delicious pastry.

8. 24h computer lab and study room in Montpetit (MNT): If you’re a night owl, this location is perfect. It’s super quiet and open around the clock, all year long. The study room is located in the basement of MNT and is often empty, except during exams.

9. Tabaret basement: This out-of-the-way location features tables and couches. As a bonus, you can reheat your lunch upstairs in the first-floor lounge microwaves before returning to the peace and solitude of the basement, away from outdoor distractions.

10. Coffee Shops: If you prefer a change of atmosphere, there’s always the option of setting up in a café. Locations close to campus include Second Cup, Starbucks and Timothy’s (all on Laurier), Tan Coffee (on Wilbrod), Planet Coffee (on York), Café Nicole (Nicholas Street), and many more in the Byward Market! Who knows: maybe the coffee will inspire a eureka moment!

Get your studying on and the Regional Mentors wish you good luck on your exams! 

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